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About me

Finally I've found the site that allows you to categorize the games!!
But then I realized there's so much more to do here!!

p.s. my English is kinda lame even though I love it with all my heart!!!

About my collections

I'm mostly focusing on the games, at least for now... I got to admit though, that it's getting hard not to be tempted by those movie lists all that!)

most of my lists are private, 'cause I'm rearranging them as best as I can before I can show them...It isn't easy, y'know!)


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BRTD's All-Time Favorite Games (41 items)
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gaems 2k18 (11 items)
Game list by BRTD2005
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BRTD's Sega Genesis Collection (237 items)
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Recent reviews

Aero's Pros & Cons!

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 3 October 2013 12:37 (A review of Aero The Acro-Bat)

I'm not going to get into the plot or just describe the game to ruin your first impressions (if you haven't played it already).
Instead, I'm gonna list all the positive and the negative sides of it so that you could draw your own conclusions! Let's get it started then!
(But first I'd like to apologize for the poorness of my English..I'm from Ukraine after all...But my desire to speak up for this game has no boundaries!!)


+ incredible level design, stages are huge and fun to explore and get lost in!
+ challenging objectives on every level, the goal is different every time and it's way better than just looking for the exit!
+ new gameplay elements/modes introduced constantly to keep things fresh
+ tons of secret areas to discover
+ precise and intuitive controls, just moving around is fun!
+ each world has it's own unique set of enemies and obstacles
+ slow-paced puzzle-solving and exploration-oriented segments are well balanced out by the crazy action-driven sequences that will keep you at the edge of your seat!
+ the difficulty is rising steadily and offers a considerable amount of challenge in later stages! it's getting almost SuperMeatBoy-ish-ly difficult by the end of the game! and THAT'S DANGEROUS!))
+ enemies may almost seem intelligent as they dodge your attacks, making each fight surprisingly satisfying!
+ on the more personal note, I find some places in the game mysteriously captivating... You'll know what I'm talking about once you get to the moment where you have to Turn On All The Lights, and then it's just you and the empty dark circus, and the music that's just so marvelously compliments the mood! other memorable moments include the funpark at night and the sunset over a forest with magnificent gradient sky and you balancing on the rope, and then swinging on the bungee...(that place is actually a pinnacle of the whole game and is even more satisfying than the ending! because here it is - the sense of freedom in it's genuinest of forms!) just talking about it makes me wanna re-complete the game for the 17th time!))


- NO PASSWORDS!! the only way to play is from start to finish. Bummer.
- the inability to run is kinda lame, especially in the final world, where the timing is crucial to avoid the traps.
- too many insta-death tiles! whether they look like spikes or the flames or the spinning saws, there's just too much of them! and they often placed too close to the trampolines and it's easy to accidentally slip into them while trying to kill the smaller enemies!
- you can throw the stars but it's really hard to hit anything because they're too slow! it's nearly impossible to figure out the proper timing and that makes them utterly useless!
- food collectibles aren't doing much except for the points, but they can make you feel bad for missing them out and not picking them up, which is strange, really)

Extra Notes

+/- the music is actually a mixed bag... there are some thrilling atmospheric ambient melodies here and there, but for the most part it's just a bunch of happy-go-round circus-fitting tunes that may get slightly annoying after a while
+/- bonus stages are actually the thing that you'd prefer to avoid! they offer very little in terms of reward, but sometimes they're even harder then the stages themselves! most of them are frustratingly so...
+/- boss battles aren't really all that memorable and yet they can get quite difficult due to their heavy use of undodgeable projectiles!

That being said, GO PLAY IT NOW!!)

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Posted : 10 years, 8 months ago on 16 June 2013 09:11 (A review of Radical Rex)

In this excellent platformer you control ultra-hip T-Rex, who happened to be so cool that he slept through the conquering of the world! That's right! This is how the game starts - you see some giant rat-looking dude on the cloud commanding the group of dinosours to get out of their land (because it's now time for the mammals to rule the Earth!) and then they're falling under his spell and follow him, revealing the background, where you can see our hero for the first time, peacefully sleeping under the palm tree!) Then comes a mighty ROAR/YAWN and you get to control him for the first time...
The ground around you is brim-full of lizards and flies, the background is as black as the night, with very dim shimmering of volcano, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE!?
You take one more step and Oh My God, I'm Rolling Off The Hill!! your trusty prehistoric skateboard is right there where you left it and now you're flying over the pits of lava, making somersaults like there is no tomorrow!! that is, indeed, if you're not as clumsy as me. in that case you will lose your skateboard pretty soon... and even if you won't fall from it or throw it away by accident, you'll have to leave it sooner or later, and that is not a bad thing, 'cause controlling your T-Rex is a lot of fun!
He can jump and duck, kick with his tiny little T-Legs, but more importantly - he can breathe fire! but your inner flamethrower is not really powerful at the start so you better go on and find yourself some power-ups. if you press up and kick (That would be an "A" key) you'll perform your mighty roar, which would make your weaker enemies faint and stronger ones would be frozen! however, you can't roar forever, so that's your next motivation to explore the jungles - to find your roar-refillers! and boy is there a lot to find!
The level design is intricate and ever-changing, with new elements thrown at you with each step! another serious motivation for exploring them is the eggs, scatterd all around, which let you enter the bonus stages between the stages. be sure to get as much as you can find, because those stages are in fact cleverly crafted mini-games, where you have to solve maze-like puzzles, collecting even more eggs and avoiding other T-Rex(?)s or pushing/throwing the blocks at them to turn them into dust!
after a short cutscene that follows, you'll enter the swamps and this is where you'll notice just how wonderful the music here is! it compliments the overall feeling of the scenery perfectly...
each stage has it's own elements of gameplay mechanics (like here it's water, slopes, swinging ropes, transporter-bird (archeopteryx?) and SPIKES!! a lot of them.) and also introduces it's own unique enemies, so the difficulty rises subtly and naturally.

I would describe the bosses and other stages, but it will only ruin your experience, and besides, as you could have noticed already, this is not your regular review, where you get to know everything about the game you were curious about and then you know it and you're no longer interested in it. so I won't spoil any more fun for you. You have to give this game a try, I can't recommend it more!

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Posted: 10 years, 2 months ago at Dec 25 23:37
For being a great follower, I thank you and wish you a...
Posted: 10 years, 8 months ago at Jun 14 16:45
Thank you for the kind words posted to my Metroidvania List, BRTD! As that is my favorite genre/sub-genre of video gaming, such support is greatly appreciated.